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Paintings of Isabelle Babington

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Isabelle Babington is a french artist currently living in the USA. Her artwork has been printed on posters, greeting cards, CD covers, porcelain, business and non-profit logos. Since 2003 her paintings have been exhibited in juried shows and in yearly solo shows in Washington and appear in a number of American, European and Australian private collections. An exhibit of her european work is scheduled for April 2015 in France. Her art draws from eclectic influences, creating stories and landscapes that offer an intriguing look at people and the objects that surround them. Isabelle shares her joy of painting and generates enthusiasm through her use of colors and lines. This collection features some of her recent and notable works that include paintings like 'Daydreaming', 'Jardin d'ete', 'Red Moon', 'Leave the window open', 'The chair by the window', 'Les musiciens', 'Room for living', 'Femme and Yoga', 'Coincidence' and 'The Hug'. The collection also contains some of her watercolor still life paintings. Her inspiration comes from many sources, and she fills travel notebooks with sketches, collages and vignettes that are later used as starting idea. Her great-artists influences are french Fauvism, german Expressionism of the early 20th century, post impressionism, cubism, Matisse, Kandisky, Klee, Braque, Cezanne, De Stael, Picasso, Vlaminck, Morandi, Hunterdwasser. Her painting 'Happy New Year' lies at the cusp of impressionism and expressionism while her painting 'Adding colors to life' combines abstract expressionist landscape with cubist inspiration. In many of her paintings, vibrant colors, bold shapes and creative contrasts catch the viewer eye and trigger interest. Earlier work conveys a peaceful balance through soft tones and delicate harmony.

1/22. Red Moon  (2013)   by isabelle babington | 116 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 30 inch x 24 inch

This is a vibrant abstract expressionism painting, using bold shapes and strong contrasts to catch the viewer eye and trigger his interest. It can be seen as an abstract with no particular subject, or as a painter's view of a mountain top village shining under the red moon of a very dark sky.

Red Moon
2/22. Leave the window open  (2012)   by isabelle babington | 155 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 20 inch x 20 inch

Inspired by the french Expressionist still-life paintings of Matisse, a small table with a fruit basket and olives in a bowl on a table by the window. An iron chair nearby. The background is blue, while the objects on the table are bright and colorful, refecting the light. It is a peaceful and happy painting.

Leave the window open
3/22. The chair by the window  (2013)   by isabelle babington | 147 views
Painting - Acrylic and ink on canvas , 30 inch x 24 inch

Acrylic and ink painting in the abstract expressionist style with inspiration by Kandisky, Klee and De Stael. Strong contracts and vibrant colors, with a joyful blue palette and flowing lines and shapes.

The chair by the window
4/22. Les musiciens  (2014)   by isabelle babington | 155 views
Painting - Acrylic and Ink on Canvas , 24 inch x 24 inch

Two musicians, one sitting with a guitar and one standing, perhaps playing the keyboard or singing, painted in the Picasso Cubist style; this painting was juried for the "Envisioning the Blues" Exhibit in June 2014. The original painting is no longer available.

Les musiciens
5/22. Jardin d'ete  (2013)   by isabelle babington | 119 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 40 inch x 30 inch

This painting started like an abstract with a playful juxtaposition of shapes and a blue palette. As the shapes were flowing along a path, red flowers started to grow, a stream, a darker pond; it became an aerial view of a imaginary summer garden, expressionist style. This painting was selected for the book "A walk into Abstracts" Vol 6, by S. St.John.

Jardin d
6/22. Daydreaming  (2013)   by isabelle babington | 126 views
Painting - Acrylics on Canvas , 24 inch x 24 inch

This painting was inspired by Matisse style, represents a woman sitting on a chair in the expressionist style; it is very colorful in a balanced manner that is eye-catching; one wonders what the woman is thinking, or waiting. Her flowing dress is elegant and multicolored.

7/22. Room for Living  (2013)   by isabelle babington | 129 views
Painting - Acrylics on Canvas , 24 inch x 30 inch

This eye-catching Abstract Expressionist painting was used on the invitation cover of the 2013 Artist Open Studio. The subject is the artist's living room and suggests a sofa, coffee table, a small table with a red flower on it. Flowing shapes convey the impression of a melting room, or a gentle dance...

Room for Living
8/22. Femme & Yoga  (2014)   by isabelle babington | 128 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 30 inch x 30 inch

This is an abstract expressionist representation of a woman doing a yoga twist, inspired by Matisse Nu bleue or Femme Bleue. The lines are flowing, curving,bringing a peaceful balance. The blues are rich and saturated and enhanced by touches of red, pink and yellow

Femme & Yoga
9/22. Still life with spoon  (2010)   by isabelle babington | 165 views
Painting - watercolor on paper , 4 inch x 6 inch

A subtle watercolor of a vintage bottle, a Bonne Maman Jelly Jar and a glass with a spoon in true minimalism style, inspired by Morandi and the zen & wabi sabi lifestyle. The watercolor is the perfect medium for highlighting the transparancy of the glasses.

Still life with spoon
10/22. Cabries  (2012)   by isabelle babington | 108 views
Painting - Acrylics on canvas , 30 inch x 36 inch

This painting was inspired by a small village in the south of France and its narrow streets with steps and thick stone houses; One can see the cubism influence. When looking, the eye can "take a walk" in the village, not unlike a blue maze. This painting works horizontally or vertically as an abstract piece. It was recently exhibited at The Ritz-Carlton.


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