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Contemporary Indian Art

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about this collection
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This exhibition features a compact but varied selection of attractive new works, most of them based on deep philosophy with a reflection of the times we're living in and comments on present day society. The collection includes acrylic on canvas to watercolor on paper works by some of the contemporary artists of India. If you are interested in particular artist or artwork, please contact the gallery through email, whats app or over the phone. The gallery is happy to ship original artwork to national and international destinations once a request is received and processed. On display are pieces by Amiya Bhattacharya, Anjan Patra, Prasenjit Sengupta, Tapas Ghosal, Pradeep Mishra, Partho Dutta, Tapas Sardar, Kanchanmala Ghosh, Arpan Bhowmik, Suman Gupta, Jagannath Paul, Saikat Maity, Ujjwal Debnath and Tejinder Kanda.

1/30. Prayers at Dusk  (2015)   by Amiya Bhattacharya | 428 views
Painting - Mixed Media on Canvas , 36 inch x 36 inch

This beautiful composition is based on an Indian, in particular, a Bengali tradition of performing prayers at dawn and dusk. The latter has been featured here, with a small lamp in an alcove in the background. The lady is dressed up in a white saree with a red border and has a bindi on her forehead, depicting her marital status. The shy smile against the backdrop of the diffused lighting results in a soft, gentle, enchanting work.

Prayers at Dusk
2/30. A Friend by Amiya Bhattacharya | 433 views
Painting - Mixed Media on Canvas , 40 inch x 32 inch

A Friend is a lyrical composition, highlighting the easy warmth and camaraderie between a young beauty and a peacock. Both the beauties are contrasted with one another, with one richly hued and the other delicate and graceful, resulting in an exquisitely stunning work.

A Friend
3/30. Thinking of Him  (2014)   by Anjan Patra | 341 views
Painting - Tempera on Canvas , 48 inch x 24 inch

'Thinking of Him' is an interesting composition by the award-winning artist, where the lady is shown waiting after having ordered two cups of coffee. She has come dressed up for the occasion & hasn't given up hope. This is an example of the artist's flat tempera style of painting, inspired by Indian miniature paintings of the last century.

Thinking of Him
4/30. The Beauty of Benares  (2014)   by Tejinder Kanda | 737 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 48 inch x 29 inch

Executed in the artist's signature style, this impressionist work in warm vibrant shades combines well with the cool shades of blue. The result is stunning, with various hues & strokes forming an exquisite composition. Benares being a temple town is a major attraction and a revered place.

The Beauty of Benares
5/30. The Golden Temple, Amritsar  (2014)   by Tejinder Kanda | 727 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 40 inch x 30 inch

Tejinder has evolved his own distinct idiom, as exemplified in his impressionistic, highly effective compositions, such as this one based on the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. It's a picture of beauty and grace, painted with an ease of practice and maturity.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar
6/30. The Revelation  (2015)   by Ujjwal Debnath | 505 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 42 inch x 42 inch

On the first day of the war Krishna became Arjuna's Charioteer between the two armies of The Pandava and the Kaurava on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Lord Krishna revealed the Bhagvad Geeta, consisting of eighteen chapters, on which the Hindu philosophy is based. He preached that "Your duty is to fight. Those who have joined the forces against justice and righteousness have to perish. The good must be protected. Attachment to friends and relatives should not come in the way of your duty."

The Revelation
7/30. Durga  (2015)   by Ujjwal Debnath | 537 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 48 inch x 24 inch

'Durga', a resplendent compositions by Ujjwal Debnath is a compelling work, encapsulating the charming quality of the gracious multi-armed Goddess who is revered for her victory over the evil forces. The contrast of the golden yellow against the midnight blue further accentuates the dramatic visual element.

8/30. Mesmerized by His Melody  (2015)   by Ujjwal Debnath | 556 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 36 inch x 24 inch

This magical composition shows Lord Krishna as a child with his favourite cow & a flute, with a divine smile playing upon his lips. The beautiful full moon enhances the allure of the enchanting setting. It seems that not just the cow, but the entire universe is rejoicing in the young flutist's melody.

Mesmerized by His Melody
9/30. The Divine Dance- I  (2015)   by Ujjwal Debnath | 587 views
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas , 36 inch x 30 inch

Charged with a cosmic energy, this depiction of the Divine Dance of Hindu God Shiva and his consort Parvati is a significant one. Shiva's dance represents destruction & creation of the universe, and highlights his ascetic as well as erotic nature,while his wife Parvati has a balancing, calming influence on him. This synergy of the two together brings about a state of deep meditation.

The Divine Dance- I
10/30. A Rainy Day in Kolkata- I  (2014)   by Saikat Maity | 883 views
Painting - Watercolour on Paper , 22 inch x 15 inch

The artist has selected the iconic landmark of Kolkata city, The Victoria Memorial, built to commemorate the Queen Victoria during the peak of the British Empire in India, as a backdrop for his rain-kissed street. This ethereal scene with the horse-drawn carriage and a yellow cab is captivating and encapsulates the character of the heritage city with drama and poise.

A Rainy Day in Kolkata- I

concluding remarks

The Verandah is a boutique Gallery with a personal touch located in Calcutta. It is a charming little gallery based at home and tucked away in a cul-de-sac, where art lovers can visit by appointment and browse through the wide selection of art from Bengal and the rest of India. The endeavour of this Art hub is to advise, source, restore, trade and assist both art lovers and first time buyers in buying good Art – of both aesthetic and investment value. The gallery specializes in emerging Artists of Bengal. Bengal being a rich storehouse of a vast variety of styles and mediums, the purpose of this personalized gallery is to provide a forum for young talented artists by discovering them early and promoting them over the years through various shows within and outside India, thereby giving them confidence and visibility. This widening of horizons and evolution is the primary goal that the gallery has been striving for. The work of the various artists who were spotted young and have blossomed over the years goes to show the success of the enterprise. One will find showcased on the Verandah website canvases, works on paper, wood and fiberglass, besides various mediums of sculpture. In the range of themes, one will discover Realistic, Figurative, Abstract, Surreal and Experimental works which have been executed by the contemporary upcoming and renowned artists, serving as a perfect mirror to our ancient cultural heritage, and traversing over to modern times.

Written By Verandah Art Gallery


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