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by B Prabha | 2850 views
2D Visual Art ( Painting ) Oil on Canvas , 29 inch x 41 inch
Keywords:   art  painting  modern art  human behavior  visual arts  illustration  watercolor paint  artwork  Painting  Visual arts  Oil painting  Image  Art  B Prabha 

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$20250.60 Original Artwork

Fisherwomen is a 29" x 41" Oil on Canvas painting by acclaimed artist B. Prabha (1933–2001), a major Indian artist who worked mainly in oil, in an instantly recognizable style. She is best known for graceful elongated figures of pensive rural women, with each canvas in a single dominant color. By the time of her death, her work had been shown in over 50 exhibitions, and is in some important collections, including India's National Gallery of Modern Art. Prabha started working at a time when India had few women artists; her inspiration was Amrita Shergil. She was moved by the lives of rural women, and over time, they became the main theme of her work. Before moving to Bombay, she studied at the Nagpur School of Art. She was a graduate of the Sir J. J. School of Art, alma mater to many of India's great contemporary artists. She was married to artist and sculptor B. Vithal, who died in 1992. Prabha came to Bombay as a struggling artist, with little money—"Rs2 and 11 paise." She sold some pieces of jewellery to raise funds. She and her artist husband were aided by friends who gave them a place to stay and by others who stored their art-work. Her first exhibition, while she was still a student, set her on the path to success when three of her paintings were acquired by eminent Indian scientist Homi J. Bhabha..



By B Prabha


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29 inch x 41 inch
Oil on Canvas

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