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Original Work: Available for purchase

Deep in the Forest

by Umakant Kanade | 2730 views
2D Visual Art ( Painting ) Acrylic on Canvas , 24 inch x 48 inch
Keywords:   black and white  fauna  monochrome photography  wildlife  monochrome  horn  organism  tree  stock photography  Painting  Artist  Art  Acrylic paint  Drawing  Umakant Kanade 

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$2070.60 Original Artwork

A surreal visual tour of a secret forest. Far from the eyes of civilization. Birds frolic in an empty space let open in the canopy of the otherwise dense foliage. The color of the little birds against the monolithic black and white backdrop of the forest create a balance that Umakant Kanade successfully uses as a signature in many of his paintings..


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Deep in the Forest
By Umakant Kanade

Deep in the Forest

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Original Painting
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24 inch x 48 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

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