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A Horse in Motion

(1993)   by Tapan Ghosh | 1462 views
2D Visual Art ( Painting ) Oil on canvas , 36 inch x 30 inch
Keywords:   art  painting  horse like mammal  watercolor paint  figure drawing  modern art  horse  paint  mane  artwork  Painting  Visual arts  Watercolor painting  Figure drawing  Modern art  Tapan Ghosh 

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$2575.60 Original Artwork

Horses have appeared in works of art throughout history, frequently as depictions of the horse in battle. The horse appears less frequently in modern art partly because the horse is no longer significant either as a mode of transportation or as an implement of war. Most modern representations are of famous contemporary horses, artwork associated with horse racing, or artwork associated with the historic cowboy or Native American tradition of the American west. In the United Kingdom depictions of fox hunting and nostalgic rural scenes involving horses continue to be made. Famous horse paintings include Leonardo da Vinci's study of horses, c. 1490, horses, c. 1490, Albrecht Dürer, Knight, Death and the Devil 1513, Peter Paul Rubens, Equestrian portrait of Crown Prince Władysław Vasa with the Battle of Khotyn in the background, 1624, Theodore Gericault, An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging, 1812, Edgar Degas, At the Races, 1877–1880, Albert Gleizes, 1911, La Chasse (The Hunt), Jean Metzinger, 1911-1912, La Femme au Cheval (Woman with a horse),Olaf Rude, 1918, Saint George and the dragon to name a few Source -



A Horse in Motion
By Tapan Ghosh

A Horse in Motion

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Original Painting
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36 inch x 30 inch
Oil on canvas

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